Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lunch with ...

Titti Matteoni (fashion)
Marina Codecasa Cavallo(D la repubblica)
Giusi Ferre (Corriere della Sera)
Luisa Zargani(WWD)
Lucia Serlenga(il giorrnale)
Silvia Motta (Grazia)
Bruna Rossi (IO-Donna)
Michela Zio(MF)
*何故ANTEPRIMA?izumi ogino と言うブランド名では無いの?
I worried that they all should be very clever and kind of workaholic. But they all have beautiful smiles and are very gentle. Since haute-couture in Paris is held, only 8 PRs could join me for lunch, which is good enough for press lunch.
Their questions were
Why did you name ANTEPRIMA, not Izumi Ogino?
Why did you start in Italy?
Why don’t you expand more shops in Italy? What is your vision toward world market?
Where is production place?
How much is total turnover?
Will you continue to be a member of Milan Collection as Japanese? What is the meaning?
What is the theme of collection this end February?
How can you get inspiration?
Question were the same as usual questions, but I think they were also interested in my lifestyle and they want me to guide around Japan, asking me when I am available, what cosmetic I have been using. Finally we talked about usual topics of women and had enjoyable lunch.