Friday, January 15, 2010

Kowloon Canton road =Convenient

事務所では役員会、デザイン会議と一日があっと言う間に過ぎてしまった。会社から家まで徒歩3分。Pacific Clubに夕食これまた家から徒歩3分。そしてまた3分圏内広東ロード唐朝から3件隣の足裏マッサージへ。便利すぎる香港。そろそろ不便なミラノの孤独な時間が欲しくなってきたかな?
I had BOD meeting and design meeting in the office for a whole day. How quick one day is gone! My home is just 3 minutes away from the office. I went to Pacific Club for dinner which was also 3 minutes away from home. Also I went to reflexology which was just 3 shops away from Sweet Dynasty in the distance of 3 minutes walk. Hong Kong is too convenient and Milan is too inconvenient but I started missing Milan. I guess I am the person who misses something I don’t possess. Why are people sometimes like this?