Sunday, January 24, 2010

Iris in Paris . Premiere Classe

parisではプルミエル.クラスメゾン.オブジェ  ランジェリー、コスチュームジュウェリーなどいろいろな展示会が開催中。フラットシューズをラゲージに入れ忘れた私は8.5cmハイヒールで2日間歩き続けた為、さすがに足が痛くてたまらない。早々に展示会場を引き上げて、遅めのランチをFace bookに通信してきたIrisと一緒に。彼女はANTEPRIMAで仕事をしていたが、現在ParisのESSECでファッションビジネスを勉強中。学校のプログラムで、いろいろなブランドの本社を訪ねたりしているそう。バランスシートの見方、経理全般も良い成績だとか。写真も続けているらしい。将来が楽しみ。
In Paris, many exhibitions such as Premier Class and Mason Objections, Lingerie, costume jewelry and so on. I forgot to bring a pair of flat shoes so I walked with high heel shoes of 8.5cm heel for 2 days. As a result, I can’t stand with my feet any more. I quickly finished exhibition and had late lunch with Iris who got in touch with me by Facebook. She worked for ANTEPRIMA but she is studying in ESSEC about fashion business. She says she had visited the headquarters of many brand houses, studies balance sheet, and received good score on general accounting. She also has continued photography. She is one of the talented people in the future.