Monday, January 18, 2010

Designers go back to their roots. /China market

Milano fashion week カレンダー。今日はGucciとAlexander Mcqueen。
一目でそれと解る特徴、ルーツを見出す事で顧客をつかもうとしている。そして狙っているのは中国マーケット。昨夜6時がショーでは今朝の新聞に評価が掲載されないと知っているPradaはHeraldTribuneSpeceialReportの下にYong FudongのFirst SpringからのFilmを使って広告を出している。
This is Milan Fashion Week Calendar. Gucci and Alexander Mcqueen are scheduled today.
They are trying to get customers with their characters, and their target is China. Prada is so clever to put ad using the film of First Spring shot in Yong Fudong in Herald Tribune Special Report because they know that no critics would be put in today’s morning newspaper.