Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best restaurants in Milano

何度かBlogでも紹介しているが、やはりVia Sotto Corno6にあるGiacomoのウニのスパゲティー(al riccio di mare)と手長エビ(scamponi)のグリルは最高。前菜に熱々のアンチョビとケイパーのピザが出されるのでオーダーはほどほどに。明日はショーの最終デザイン会議。
Iris said when we met in Paris if she had been in the same situation as mine, she would have introduced luxury restaurants and hotels to the public. It would be a good idea if I could have good body condition and could have enough time to do so.
I sometimes introduce in my blog about sea parch spaghetti and prawn grill of Giacomo in Via Sotto Corno 6, and it is sure that these dishes are the best. Since hot pizza with anchovy and vegetables comes as appetizer, so you need to control your order. I will have final design meeting tomorrow.