Tuesday, January 12, 2010


AVATARサイトで調べたら夜はがらがら。仕事終了後六本木ヒルズP5に車を入れ、そのままエレベーターでTohoCinema へ。開演10分前からしか入場できないので購入したポップコーンをつまみながら入口で待って、前が良いと言うので3列目で3Dメガネ。少し酔った感じになって、英語はまあ何とか聞き取れるけれど、Avatar語は解らない。やはり字幕を読むしかないけれど、これが前過ぎて読めない。
I checked availability about AVATAR through net and the night show is widely open. I parked my car in Roppongi Hills P5 after work and went to Toho Cinema by the elevator directly. I could arrive at the cinema only 10 minutes before the show so I had popcorn and waited. I was advised that the front seat would be better so I got the 3rd row from the screen. 3D spectacles were provided. I became dizzy. I could listen to English so far but I could not know Avatar language. I had to read sub-titles but it was too near to read it. After getting used to dizziness, I wanted to catch leaves and touch something. For you, in order to enjoy 3D movie, I recommend you to get around the 10th row from the front.