Saturday, January 16, 2010

Golf & Life

パー、パー、そして仲良くバディーこんな事は始めて。ゴルフも人生も簡単で楽しく思えた瞬間。次のホールからは2人して連続オービー。ゴルフは人生レッスン。良い時こそ脇を閉めて、ボールを見て。ゆっくりと力を入れずに仕切り直せば良いはず。毎週末のゴルフは今日のHK Golf Clubで終了。夜中のフライトで寒いミラノへ。
This is my first time to have Par, and Par and Birdie together with my husband. I felt golf & life were so easy but right after that moment, me and my husband had continuous OB from the next hall. Golf is a lesson of life. I need to get set from looking at the ball and hit it without unnecessary strength. If I keep the good trail, the score should be good. Playing golf in every weekend has finished in Hong Kong Golf Club today and I will fly to Europe with midnight flight to cold Milan.