Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Licence meeting/ SANRIO Mr.Tsuji

City Super キティーフェアーなんてどうでしょうか?
Mr. Ogino said in the licensees meeting “I can’t delete this screen saver because they are my son’s family” which is showing in his PC screen. The meeting began with happy feeling. It seems everybody is interested in on-line business and further development of China Market. Mr. Ogino said “I will pass on the speaker to my son regarding on-line business since I am not an expert. As to China Market, it is interesting but still have many risks which are unable to foresee” In the evening, we went to DAIGO for vegetarian food invited by Mr. Tsuji, Vice President of Sanrio. I enjoyed the dinner. Sanrio will have 50th Anniversary next year, and I wonder what we can collaborate. How about Kitty Fair in Citysuper ?