Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mrs.Caroline Keung

Mr.Anthony Keungの奥様Carolineは私など到底足元にも及ばない知識人。
The wife of Mr. Anthony Keung, Caroline is a very intelligent person who is far ahead of me. She had worked in Sanwa Bank in Hong Kong for a long time and gave birth to the 3rd child at the age of 44 and declared retirement at the age of 55. Now she studies calligraphy in University of Beijing in order to spread Chinese culture as her last career in her life.
She stays alone in the dormitory in Beijing from Monday to Thursday and comes back to Hong Kong on weekend in order to spend time with family. She says she has been studying and imagining herself being a teacher at the age of 80.
I also respect Anthony who just gently watches her doing her best to achieve her dreams.