Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Hong Kong Golf Club/Eden course

香港ゴルフクラブで朝の7時から、若井さんと4回もクラブチャンピオンを取っているMs.Peggy Kwohとのゴルフでした。
Last week, I played golf in Milan under the temperature of 8 ℃, and today I played in Hong Kong under the temperature of 22 ℃ that is the best day for golf. I played with Ms. Wakai and Ms. Peggy Kwoh who won Club Champion for 4 times in The Hong Kong Golf Club from 7am in the morning. I lost the way taking the wrong exit from highway because it was still dark and I have not driven my car for a long time in Hong Kong. I almost went to the boundary of China and what happened was that I was led by a police car that just drove by and arrived to the Club as if I were a VIP. Everybody burst into laughters at me. I played in Eden Course and the course condition was good and nice. Hong Kong has the best seasons during November, December and January. Please come to Hong Kong for delicious food and golf using the convenient Haneda mid-night flight.