Tuesday, November 24, 2009



そして成田に向かい6時半発CXにて香港、ロンドン経由ミラノ。家に到着したのは24日朝10時半ごろ。一日空の上でした。どうしてこう言う事になったかと言えば 、帰りは香港に寄りたいと予定を出していたら、往復の半券が残ってしまったのです。消化しないと料金が高くなるらしく・・・、航空運賃謎です。マイレージを使ったりしても、年間相当の旅費を使用しているので経費削減になりません。それよりも渡航の数を減らす計画進めます。

I went to see the shop in Tama Plaza. Thanks to good sales, many items running short of stock, and hence many customers lined up to get products. Instead of selling out all the stock, we need to show the notice saying “We are sorry. This item will be in the shop on xx day xx month” and to give more polite expressions to customers.
I made an international telephone call informing the present situation and the review. After that, I went to Narita Airport for the flight departure at 6:30pm by Cathay Pacific through Hong Kong, London to Milan. I arrived home at 10:30am on Nov 24, that means I had been flying for a whole day in the sky. Why this happened is that I wanted to go to Hong Kong on the way back but that leaves the return portion of the airt ticket not in use, and that’s a waste of money. It is mysterious for air ticket calculation. Although I used mileage for free ticket, it’s not saving much travel expenses since I already spent huge amount on it. Instead I will try my best to cut the frequency of travel.