Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Colette Paris

Paris のセレクトショップコレットでKittyのワイヤーバックが売りだされたと連絡が入りましたので、お知らせまで。

今日はマシュマロを作って頂いた小高さんに、日菓連チャリティーゴルフコンペに誘われ姉ケ崎ゴルフ でプレーしてきました。成績は仕事してます。と言った感じで50位。言い訳どうり、その後は事務所に戻ってMistoの買い付けに参加。家に帰ればふぐ鍋、温まって幸せに眠ります。
I would like to inform you that Kitty Wirebags have started selling in the select shop in Paris, France called Colette.
Today I was invited to Japan Confectionery Charity Golf Competition held in Anegasaki Golf Club by Mr. Kodaka who makes marshmallow for ANTEPRIMA show. The score shows “I have been working “ and ranked 50th. With my excuse, I went back to the office afterwards and joined Misto buying. When I came home, I have had hotpot and become warm with sweet sleep.