Saturday, October 24, 2009


滞在先はGramercy Park Hotel.おしゃれなホテル、ParisのCostesと似ている。バーは人気のようで人がいっぱい。ルーフトップでは子供のハロウィーンパーティー。オープンしてまだ日が浅いのでレストランもオープンしていない。そこで、コンシアージに今一番美味しいですよと15Eastと言うレストラン(お寿司)を紹介されて行ってみた。本わさび、小ぶりのお寿司、アナゴもある。日本より豊富な食材美味。
I arrived after 5 hours flight to New York at 5pm with UA022 leaving LA at 08:32am. I still don’t know the local time and have jet-lag reversing day and night. I had party last night but still I awoke up at 4am, and could not sleep in the flight, so I am happy with late afternoon feeling. The hotel where I stay is Gramercy Park Hotel, which is very trendy and similar to Costes in Paris. The bar might be very popular because there are many people. The roof top has Halloween Party for children. The restaurants have not started business because this hotel is newly opened. So I went to the restaurant called 15 East (Sushi) introduced by the concierge as the best taste. They use real wasabi, small sushi, they even have Amago Sushi. The selection is more than Japan and it is delicious. Taxi has GSM and I can pay with a screen in the back seat. It is really USA – advanced country of credit card. I became sleepy with full stomach. I came back to the hotel by taxi after walked some time until 14st. It is really Manhattan with fineness and convenience of taxi. Taxi drivers look rough but actually they are kind.