Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MF....? Mozzarella di Buffala

MF トレンドにミニスカートのアブストラクトプリントが紹介されましたとファッションの話題ばかりで、興味なしの友人読者もいるので食べ物の話しです。
時差もありますので、今日は事務所の帰り家の近くの八百屋さんとお肉屋さんに立ち寄りイチジク、レモン、トマト、バジリコ、モッツアレッラチーズ 、プロシュートハムを買って帰宅。
日本にも空輸で運ばれているのでしょうか?似て非なる物は食べた事がありますが、このジューシーさが無かったように思いいます。香港ではCitySuperにあるそうですが、イタリア人の友人が高いとこぼしていました。空輸ですからね。是非Mozzaarella di Buffalaを食べにイタリアへ。
MF Trend Newspaper introduced mini-skirt with abstract print. I always talk about fashion and I think some of you are not familiar with fashion, so today I will talk about food.
Since I still have jet-lag, I bought fig, lemon, tomato, basil, Mozzarellacheese and prosciutto ham in the grocery store and meat shop nearby the office and came home. Please compare the size with the fig. It is soft and juicy. It is very delicious to eat with virgin olive oil and lemon if you like or basil, and match with tomato with a bit of salt. It is beautiful with red, green, white and yellow like Italian National Flag. Is this imported to Japan as well? I ate similar one but taste was different which was not juicy at all. In Hong Kong, Citysuper has this one, but my Italian friend complained the price was too high. Yes, it is because of imported food. Please come to Italy to enjoy Mozzarella di Buffala.