Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long day

久しぶりの逆回り地球一周です。滞在先はBeverly Hills Hotel.前回はバレンタインデーのパーティーに呼ばれてMarinaと一緒にMilanoからでした。もう10年ほど前でしょうか?時が過ぎるのが本当に早く感じるこの頃です。
I arrived at Los Angeles with NH 6 leaving at 17:10, and here is 11:00am on the same day of the departure.
I did not fly backward towards the time for long. I stay in Beverly Hills Hotel. I came here last time with Marina from Milan and we were invited to a Valentine’s day party, I guess it was 10 years ago. I feel that time flies so fast. I feel a bit strange because I am against time. What would happen if I keep on going backward against time? I enjoy the imagination like Annie’s. I heard the power of imagination would come from the feeling of desperation in the real world. Because I also have many desperate matters, I would still possess the power of imagination for happiness.