Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LA market research

199o年に封切られたPretty Woman.ショッピング三昧、楽しげに山ほどのショッピングバックとRodeo Drive を闊歩していた姿を思い出します。思えばその頃の携帯電話普及率は3%程度。 2009年現在は持っていない人を探す方が難しい。そんな時代の到来を物語るように、ショッピングバックを持って歩いている人はいません。不動産ピークは2008年夏だったようです。そこから急降下、これからRodeo Driveに大型店を出すと言う携帯電話会社、インターネットオークションで成功しているブランド。
ずっと空いていると言うRodeo Drive Miu Miuの隣のお店は一月の家賃が約2000万円。家賃を20%として考えてもラグジュアリーブランドに挟まれて、コンスタントに1月で1億円販売できる商材はいったい何でしょうか?あるのでしょうか?
I remember the movie in 1990 – Pretty Woman - in the scene the girl enjoyed shopping and walked around on Rodeo Drive with many shopping bags. In that time, ownership of mobile phones is 3%. In 2009, it is very difficult to look for the people who don’t have mobile phone. Such a time has come and it is now that nobody walks around with shopping bags. Some says real properties had its peak time in summer 2008. After that, it went down and plunged. The one who’s going to have shops in Rodeo Drive now are mobile phone company and the brand house with success in internet auction. Where does the trend go?
Women today are busy with fitness, hair coloring, facial, massage, laser beauty treatment, manicure, mobile phone, internet so they spend less money on shopping. I think this trend will go further to the extreme. They might wish to go for shopping, but they would not have time to go out. I believe only the companies who put strong effort on internet business would survive in the future. Internet auction such as Taobao in China, eBay in USA, have more and more users. The next shop of Miu Miu in Rodeo Drive is empty for long time and the rental costs 20mil Japanese yen per month. Considering the rental charge is 20%, among those luxury brands, which brand house on earth is able to sell constantly 100mil Japanese yen a month? Is there any?
Those shops that made tenancy agreement for 5 years in 2007 are all in difficulties.