Thursday, October 29, 2009


Milan has very fine weather. The clock in my house is still setting at summer saving time. I wondered “oh? It is already 8am” and got up, but actually it was only 7am.
I received the news from Japan, so I would like to inform you ANTEPRIMA had been featured in FN.
This time, my round-the-world trip made me think a lot of matters. I may say I could really feel the present moments by myself. Seeing and hearing are totally different. I fear if I mislead myself and think that I know everything only with words (knowledge). If I try to know the world with words (knowledge) only, there is limit in understanding. I realized myself that I was stupid before because I just tried to understand everything only with words. I can’t describe well, but there should be something in the world that we can feel, and then we understand. It is very important to feel and to know and to see the world from a different angle, to think flexibly, to look into myself humbly and to imagine for actualizing the dream. Yes, zero negative energy……. all these thoughts I started to have after the trip.