Sunday, October 25, 2009


Little West 12st.Meet market にあるPASTISでJoelと食事.
彼とここで食事をしたのは8年前。それからSex and City などで使われすっかり有名になってしまったレストラン。昔と変わらずハンサムな彼は老眼鏡を使ってメニューを見なくてはならなくてダイエットも必要とチキンサラダを食べながらNY情報をいろいろと教えてくれました。
食事の後はSofo,Bleecker St,5thとリサーチ。さすがNY、人の数が違います。雨なのに人が立ち並ぶBleekerストリートのお店。ポテンシャルマーケットはLAよりやはりNYかなと考えを新たにしました。NYは巨大都市です。
I had lunch with Joel in Pastis in Meat Market in Little West 12st. It was 8 years ago when I had meal with him in this place. After that, this restaurant became so famous because it was used for location shooting for Sex and City. He is very handsome as ever and it is now that he needs a pair of glasses to read the menu and he also needs to keep his diet, so he chose chicken salad. He gave me a lot of New York information. After lunch, we went to Soho, Bleecher St, 5th for research. Here is surely New York, there are many people. It is raining but many people are waiting for a table of this restaurant in Bleeker Street. I confirmed New York is more potential than LA for marketing. New York is a big city.