Friday, October 9, 2009

Diet Hime



Milan was hot. Hong Kong was cold with air conditioning. I arrived at Narita, and Japan is just good in temperature after typhoon. My father, 81 years old, came to pick me up in the airport but I drove the car on the way back home. My mother prepared a lot of home- made dinner for me. It is very fortunate that, instead of taking care of them, I am the one to receive care from them. My mother is very busy cooking everyday and she is busy also with making diet food (cabbage, tofu and carrot) for her dog (Hime). Hime, 13 years old, was told that if she had gained weight, she would have been unable to walk. But she lost weight by my mother’s loving effort and succeeded on diet.
My mother gives tea to the ancestors in the morning and she wishes all family members’ happiness and then cooks food. All of us have been supported by my mother’s love. My parents teach me without words what the most important things in life are.