Friday, October 16, 2009


一昨日は霞町のとく山で藤本三和子さん、鈴木素子さん、水野みどりさんとふぐ鍋を囲んで女4人でかしましく。昨日はベルギーから帰国している茂木初枝さん、赤松ネロさん 角間裕之さんと銀座6丁目のおでん屋さん(おぐ羅)で小さなテーブルを囲んで4時間 久しぶりに日本酒のおいしかった事。つい飲みすぎました。
ところで、先日のショーの様子を、BSジャパン10/17(土曜)夜11時 ファッション通信にて放映されると連絡が入りました。土曜の夜、ベットの中で眠る前に見てみようと思っています。お時間があるようでしたら、ご覧ください。
I had a very nice dinner with Mrs. Miwako Fujimoto, Mrs. Motoko Suzuki and Mrs. Midori Mizuno in Tokuyama in Kasumi-cho the day before yesterday. Yesterday, I had dinner with Mrs. Hatsue Mogi who is temporarily in Japan, Mr. Nero Akamatsu and Mr. Hiroyuki Kadoma in Oden restaurant (Ogura) in Ginza 6-chome for 4 hours. I was over drunk.
I have difficulties to keep my condition while I have busy meetings and night life. I have no stress but I am just busy. If I want to play, 24 hours a day is not enough and I am not young enough. But I think not enough is just good.
I had material meeting for next year’s products in Vendome. I was very happy to hear that the sales had been good. However chasing after good sales only would lead to less possible future so I want to keep on challenging and make accessories that lead fashion.
By the way, I was informed that ANTEPRIMA show on the other day will be broadcasted in BS Japan at 11pm on Saturday in Fashion TV I want to watch the program before going to the bed on Saturday night. Please watch it if you have time.