Saturday, October 31, 2009


今話題だとかPixie Lott嬢。(写真を紹介、音楽好きの読者へ)Y-tubeのやり方が解ったので。

I walked around in Milan under the fine weather on Saturday. I can hear many languages in Monte Napoleone Street where many people walked around.
In November 2008, the highest rental charge of real property ranks New York 5th St, Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, Champs-elysees Street in Paris, followed by Bond Street in UK as No. 4th, but how is the ranking now? I walked around the street thinking that this place should be more expensive than Rome. People walk around with no shopping bags. Once I stepped into boutiques, sale staff said to me “we have 30% discount now”. (Since Italy has fixed sale period, besides that period, sales staff just say it without showing sign). I wonder if people have been waiting for 50% discount because not many people buy. Since expensive rental charge should be reflected to the products, the brand houses can’t stop expanding EC business. Fashion has been developed in quiet streets, so I think it is more advanced idea to shift to EC business. I have been taking coffee in the Café in front of a travel agency which is closed down, and looking at people using their mobile phones.
She is Miss Pixie Lott (in the photo, for those who love music) since I know how to log-in to Youtube.