Friday, September 11, 2009

show date/camera della moda

Paris NYのとある有名ジャーナリストが「Milanoは3日にしてその後、Parisコレクションまで3日間休みます。」と言い出した事から、大きなメゾンが前半に移動を開始しました。多分、編集長様達のリムジン、ホテル、夕食などの滞在費も膨大な為、雑誌社も予算カットなのでしょう。



我々のショーは29日11時と決定しました。アタックはなさそうですが、30日から始まるPairsコレクションへの移動があるので、この時間がMilano コレクション最終となりそうです。
One of the famous journalists in Paris and New York started saying “I will work in the first 3 days in Milan and take a rest for 3 days until Paris Collection” That’s why big brand names started moving their schedule to the first half. Maybe, the huge expenses of chief editors using for limousine, hotel, dinner and so on need to be cut.
That’s why show schedule changes everyday. The big brand names like FENDI, D & G and so on, who have been on their own way as they like, started attacking the schedule of small brand houses, who have been happy to take good timing schedule. Therefore, it turns out that 2 brand houses will hold the show at the same time slot.
Of course, big brand houses have spent much more PR expenses so the small brand houses would just drop tears of regret.
Our fashion show has been decided at 11am on September 29. There may be no attack but this timing would be the last show time in Milan due to Paris Collection starting from September 30.