Friday, September 4, 2009

Shinjuku Lumine 2 ANTEPRIMA-misto OPEN !!

新宿ルミネ2 ツバメグリル前にANTEPRIMA MISTOが本日オープンしました。
ANTEPRIMA- Misto is open today. The location is in front of Tsubame Grill Restaurant in Shinjuku Lumine 2. There were customers waiting for opening at 11am in front of the escalator. Despite it’s weekday morning, many customers came and visited us. I also served customers in the shop in quiet manner. I could not answer customers’ questions about products price but I was happy that I could send my unique and heartfelt passion towards products to customers.
Afterwards, I had lunch with Mr. Hanazaki – Chairman of Lumine. I was deeply impressed by Mr. Hanazaki’s enthusiasm that he has continuously kept motivating good sales staff. Basics of sales should be enjoying from bottom of their heart in serving customers? I thought I would enjoy and pass merchandising knowledge to sales staff directly.