Wednesday, September 2, 2009


ANTEPRIMA-misto 新宿ルミネ (LUMINE2-2F)9月4日(金)、北千住ルミネ明日オープンします。



ANTEPRIMA – Misto in Shinjuku Lumine 2 on 2F will be open on September 4, and the one in Kitasenjyu Lumine will be open tomorrow.
I went to Shinjuku Lumine for display today. Since the products were not fully ready for this shop, display was hard but I still could manage to do so.
I usually do numerous research for each collection. It is like preparing for a delicious dinner which needs going to supermarket, reading cook books. While we are enjoying good meals, we can understand just a part only. Research is also the same and I always regret that we could not fully utilize the research. Because I have many chefs (designers), I want to neglect rules a bit and to release stress by adjusting unused collection ideas to younger ones. Classy play, rough feeling, unexpected fun, short trip, party… these concepts are for the people who can enjoy and adjust shiny items by themselves. I started Misto with the concept like flower shop, or cake shop on the corner of the city and to enjoy daily life vividly as if we were rewarding ourselves.
Please come and visit Kitasenjyu Lumine opening tomorrow and Shinjuku Lumine opening on the day after tomorrow.

Please do not forget to wash your hands every day when you go home.