Thursday, September 3, 2009


明日の新宿ルミネ2 オープンにも活躍してくれそうです。小高さんありがとう!!。
ANTEPRIMA – Misto in Kitasenjyu Lumine has been opened. Mr. Kodaka of Eiwa Confectionary Company made marshmallows with collagen for opening. Marshmallows are put in special package with pink color and customers were happy receiving them, saying “Wow, it is cute. Thank you”. I think the marshmallows will be very good for shop opening tomorrow in Shinjuku Lumine 2. Kodaka san, thank you very much!!
So many customers visited us and the display became off-position right after opening. I am excited with future sales. I think I need to plan products one after another but I think I can suggest idea bits by bits continuously, I am happy to do so. The popular items were Tote bag of fucsia and blue color, mobile phone strap and handmade bag made from vintage clothes. I will be in Shinjuku Lumine 2 on 2F at around 11am tomorrow. So please come and visit me. I look forward to seeing you.