Sunday, September 13, 2009

Milano- Tokyo

(Milano の中心部都電が走るScala座前、Manzoni通り。東京では荒川線が残っているだけのよう。)

(This is in front of Scala Theater where the tram runs in the main street of Milan – Manzoni Street. In Tokyo, trams run only in Arakawa line)
This is Milan where the scenery remains no change for 25 years. It seems that Italy saves the earth. From today, I will return to Tokyo for a week. Since my body clock was broken for some time, I don’t have to worry about jet-lag.
There is nobody who wearing mask in Malpensa Airport and in Geneva. There is no more form-filling system on arrival flight and seat numbers in Narita Airport. It is probably too wasteful to do so?