Tuesday, September 1, 2009




I had continuous meetings with Aurora and Moda Clea for licensing spring summer sample. There were many shoes samples so I visited Asakusa and checked final samples for exhibition held from September 15. In spite of the bad economic situation, shoes with fur, flower and ballerina were sold out quickly so we need to think of reordering. Sales of the shoes got No 1 ranking in department stores so I could feel powerful enthusiasm towards spring summer.
In the evening, I came back to Roppongi from Asakusa. To celebrate the project of Chieko Kuroda x ANTEPRIMA in mail order in Eclat Magazine, I had dinner with the chief editor. It is only 6 hours after magazine published, but the sales were so good that we need to do reorder. Please look out in October issue of Eclat.
The good news cheered me up so I think I can work with smile tomorrow, too.