Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Springfieled golf club /Computer stress therapy

今日はSpringfield にてGolf。私達の前を行く英国人達は、キャディーに手引きカート。後ろのタイ人の人達は1カート、1キャディー。私達は2人で1カート2キャディー。ゴルフはやはり歩くのが本当でしょうか?
その後はCiva Somに戻って、Computer stress therpy。腕をパラフィンで温めながらのマッサージ80分。異常な肩こりの原因はPCかもしれません。休暇中は毎日45分以内と時間を決めてPCに向かっています。
I played at Springfield today. British gentlemen playing ahead of us were taking self-pulling carts. On the other hand, Thai gentlemen playing behind us were with caddies and carts for each person. And we were two caddies with one cart. To play golf is supposed to walk through the holes, Is that what a real golf supposed to be?
After the golf play, I took Computer stress therapy. My arms had massage with paraffin warming for 80 minutes.
I have decided to use PC only 45 minutes every day during the holiday.