Friday, August 14, 2009

Royal Hua Hin Golf Club 

Carine は滞在を延ばして、私達より1週間長い、3週間の滞在とするそう。同じ部屋番号オーシャンビューの上と下。同じ年の私達だが、筋トレにも励んでいる彼女のプログラムの方が何だか私より大変そう。9月から始まるストレスフルなファッションシーズンに対応出来るよう、がんばって体と精神を鍛えている様子..。
This club is located behind Hua Hin train station and only five minutes away from Chiva-Som by car.
It only took us 3 hours to finish through the holes. The club has been opened since 1922 and has luxuriant woods, but the greens have not been in any good condition.
I lost my pink golf ball during the play. How did I lose it? A monkey stole my ball! ; That was what happened. I wondered why he took it. He thought it was a peach or something?

By the way, I heard that Carnie will stay one week longer than me, and she will stay for 3 weeks at Chiva-Som. We have been staying the same kind of ocean-view rooms. And she and I are the same age, but her training program including muscles exercise seems much harder than mine. It seems she trains not only her body but also her mind, and by handling her program, she has been preparing for a stressful fashion season starting in September. Well, indeed, she keeps outstanding body-shape.
I gave her an aurora colored mini Wirebag which is very convenient to put the room key inside.