Saturday, August 29, 2009


Gathering all licensees of ANTEPRIMA, I had exchanged information on next spring summer collection and its process. In Hong Kong, merchandising knowledge has been instructed directly to shop staff. In workplace, more communication power is required than before. I think it is important to establish hotlines among designers, production, sales and customers. I wish all the staff not only keep regulation, achieve routines but also correct wrong things, suggest and proceed what to do with energy and passion. They should realize daily accumulation could change lives. In order to enrich lives, I want to keep going with lots of ideas and appreciating achievements.
I was invited for dinner to Okei Sushi in Gaienmae by Mr.& Mrs, Tsuji, Vice President of Sanrio, where the restaurant will accept only one set of guest every night. I talked very happily with delicious sushi. International future project with Sanrio – 50th anniversary in next year- looks very interesting.