Sunday, August 16, 2009

Black Mountain Golf Club

今日は、Hua Hinで一番良いと言われているBlack Mountainで、ノルウェー人とタイ人とプレー。


Today, we played with Norwegian and Thai at Black Mountain where is considered to be the best club in Hua Hin.

Finally relieved from calculating double-bogeys, I have been becoming to count more on bogey-based. As it goes like that, playing golf becomes more and more interesting.

In the evening, I up-graded the massage I can take every day. I had a massage on my back, neck, and shoulders. After all, massage should be painful so that the muscles can be softened.

My diet is based on vegetables and fruits since I have been here, and I have already lost 2 to 3 kg. My body seems like coming back to life gradually.

I have realized again body can be cleansed. I will keep on diet by enjoying pain tomorrow too.