Monday, August 31, 2009

Kagosaka Golf.

その後は山中湖に向かいました。政権交代、新しい時代に向かって台風も吹き荒れる中、篭坂ゴルフ で楽しくゴルフ。胃の痛みも消えました。何だか日本でたまにするゴルフは何時も雨。台風で道もすいていて、日に焼ける事もなく涼しく快適???兎に角、思い出に残るゴルフでした。篭坂ゴルフでは、強羅花壇のオーナーでもある、藤本雄二さんが出迎えてくれました。またお天気の時に来てくださいとサービス券を頂きましたので、11月に是非また伺いたいと思っています。
I visited ANTEPRIMA Tamagawa Takashimaya which opened as Hybrid Shop. There was a customer passed by and said “this is cute!’ looking at the bear Wirebag. We have more bags like rabbit and raccoon but it is my regret we can’t display all as a series. There is no stock of hair band or accessories which have been made together with matte color Wirebags. I realized again the importance of display to show as a whole to give impact of the products. It is meaningless if merchandises and design were not finally reflected in VMD. We would not produce hit item if we were just “sell and finish”. I reviewed on early fall winter products. I started thinking about next spring summer’s final items and next fall winter project. My stomach becomes painful every time when I visit shops because there are many things that I still could not achieve yet. The shop looks like talking to me “I will get better so love me more”.
After shop visit, I went to Yamanaka Lake. Political changes will take place and the new era will come when typhoon gets strong. I played golf in Kagosaka Golf. My stomach got better. I don’t know why it is always raining every time when I play golf in Japan. Is it comfortable because no worries in getting sun-burnt due to typhoon? Mr. Fujimoto – the owner of Gorakadan - came and picked me up in Kagosaka Golf. He gave me a coupon telling me “come again during nice weather”. So I want to come back again in November.