Thursday, August 27, 2009


中国女優のファン、ビンビンさんがANTEPRIMA Hello Kitty WireBagを購入して持ち歩いてくれていた。

Hello Kitty は今年で35周年。そのお祝いに今年10月に第二弾のHello Kitty X ANTEPRIMAを日本でも行う予定です。

China's actress Fan Bing Bing bought and carried ANTEPRIMA Hello Kitty Wirebag.
Her fan took a photo and introduced in the blog and our shop became panic. We can’t achieve customers’ inquiry due to shortage of stock.
Neither did we give it to her as a gift nor ask her to carry but she – a famous celebrity just bought the product and carries wherever she goes. This fact makes me think that her personality is wonderful. I think she receives many gifts and she is able to buy anything she wants. But she was willing to buy the product and carry. This calls unpredictable influences. This bag that costs over 350,000 Japanese yen was sold out in a moment.