Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shingo Yamashiro

山城 新伍さんが亡くなられたと知らせを受けた。思い出を胸に残してもらいたいだけ。と言う本人の生前の希望でお別れ会なども無く、遺族への取材の配慮なども言い残されていたらしい。思慮深い山城さんらしい。
I received news that Mr. Shingo Yamashiro passed away.
There was no farewell and so on. That’s the way he wanted, because he wanted his family, friends and parties concerned to “Keep his memories in your heart”. And he would take his bereaved family into considerations for them to get interviewed by media reporters. That is very Mr. Yamashiro-like, considerate and prudent.
My memories to him were more than 33 years ago. When Prada boutique was first opened in HK, my friend Sekiyama san visited the boutique with him and his party. And at the time, I told them to “watch out for pickpockets.” Just after when I told them, one of them had his pocket picked. Then I helped them to contact with Japanese consulate. Later, Mr. Yamashiro visited the boutique over and over during his stay, because if he showed up to the boutique more customers would visit. During his stay, he also bought a camera to my son. As my gratitude to him, I invited him to my home in Repulse Bay. After I went back to Japan, I was introduced by Nozaki san of “Waketokuyama”, and Mr.Yamashiro introduced me to so many friends of his including Mr. Tatsuo Umemiya.