Monday, August 17, 2009

4 more nights

ここChiva Somでは、土曜の夜はバーベキュー。後4日ですから、次のバーべキューには残念ながら、参加できません。先週の土曜は10人のお供と滞在中のインドプリンセス?への感謝会なるものがあって、インド音楽。何時ものタイダンスにも飽きていたけれど、どうして?と質問する声があちらこちらで。インドにはマハラジャがまだいるのでしょうか?
朝のSuper Stretchでは、Enjoy your pain.Smile . No Pain No gain. の声を聞きながら、がんばっています。終了後は小麦の若葉をしぼったジュースと、ココナッツとアロエべラのジュースを飲んでリフレッシュ。
Here at Chiva-Som, there’s BBQ every Saturday night. Unfortunately, I will only stay for 4 more days here, so cannot join the event this Saturday. Last Saturday night, for an Indian princess?! Staying here with 10 servants, there was a thanksgiving party and had Indian dance. Although I had enough to see Thai dance, other hotel guests were here and they’re saying “Why, Indian dance?” Maharajas still exist in India?
I had Super Stretch in this morning, and “Enjoy your pain. Smile. No pain, No gain” cheered me up by an instructor like that, I had pushed myself. After the training, I was refreshed with having fresh wheat leaves squeezed juice and coconuts juice with aloe vera.
In the afternoon, I had trained at the gym and was surprised again that it was only 150kcal consumed by doing 3km fast-walk in 30 minutes. A cup of orange juice consumes 70kcal. A spoon of sugar consumes 15kcal. 200g pasta is equal to 150g sugar, etc. By staying here I concern more about how many calories I have taken a day. Perhaps, calculating calories in my head is a key to get a good shape of body.
I will do the best for the remaining four days.