Monday, July 6, 2009


I left Narita at 10:25am and arrived to Zurich Kloten International Airport at around 3pm on the same day. That means the time went anti-clockwise for about 7 hours. Did I get younger for the hours? Air France raised the price this time. Which airline is the best comparing prices and services? Ms. Morinaga - Anteprima Japan – checked for me. As a result, if I compare the price with Japan Airlines business class, I came to the conclusion that it is Swiss Air first class and the ticket is about 20% cheaper. If I buy air ticket of Japan Airlines in Milan, the price is half. I heard they would introduce large aircraft from November, so I will use Japan Airlines from November. It is very hard to understand airfare calculation, but today at this moment, I recommend Swiss Air. A gentleman who happened to sit next to me escorted me to the lounge. He said he was a managing director of bshealthCapital. I got up at 6am because of jet-lag, Milan’s weather is very fine.