Friday, July 31, 2009


These are two books that I am reading now. I have read a lot of books which have been put in the best seller corner in book stores. But I think I have never read books thoroughly. I sometimes don’t remember anything and even worse is that I don’t even remember the title of books and bought the same book. It is really impolite to authors. I wonder how Mr. Hirao – Managing Director and Mr. Nishikawa of Bungeishunju Publishing Company ltd, whom I met on the other day, can remember so well about the books they read. I wonder if the structure of the brain is different? May be it is so. Mr. Hirao recommended me to read a book that is awarded Book of the Year. I read that book when I was 20s. Because I was also the same as the main character in the book, I remembered I was not impressed so much. I want to read that book once again.