Friday, July 24, 2009

Modern weekly lifestyle

Does this magazine want me to run for election? I am a bit embarrassed to be exposed in a ridiculously big photo in a magazine which is doubled the size of usual ones. I was introduced as a new life-style Japanese woman in a magazine in China - a very important and ever-growing market. It is very stressful to publicize my face to the public. But I already accepted the fact so I put this update in the blog.
If talking about modern life-style, I had dinner with two ladies in Hiroo, who have interesting life-style. One is Motoko san, Suzuki Motors Co Ltd, and another is Miwako san, Gorakadan. Common fact among us three: we started the present business after late 30’s. They also turn the stress from business into the power/reason for overcoming problems. Everybody in the world has problems with family, work or etc. The conversations among us in similar circumstances are direct but warm. It was a relief of stress with such warm conversations.