Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grill Grand

お昼は恵比寿 ウエスティンホテル龍天門でWeb online sales チームと川口さんの結婚を祝って飲茶。そして、浅草モーダクレアへ。来期春夏のデザイン確認終了後、グリル グランドにご招待を受けて、楽しく会食。仕事を笑って終了。でもちょっと食べ過ぎの一日と反省です。
I had Dim Sum lunch in Ryutenmon of Westin Hotel in Ebisu celebrating wedding of Kawaguchi san, a member of Online Sales Team. After that I went to Moda Clea in Asakusa. I was invited to dinner by them after design-check of next Spring Summer. The restaurant is Grill Grand and I had a nice dinner. I finished work with smile, but I ate too much today so felt a bit regret.