Saturday, July 4, 2009

Akira Kurosawa

映画を作成する時にその状況を画コンテにした黒澤明。その素晴らしい感性を受け継いだKako、大ヒット中の西川 美和監督の「ディア ドクター」も彼女が衣装を担当、今年中に封切られる2つの映画の衣装も担当しながら、3人の息子の食事を作る、あっぱれなハンサム女。負けてはいられない。私もがんばります。
黒澤 明が 画コンテについて語っていました。
Dear Kako. Thank you for your lithograph.
Mr. Akira Kurosawa made continuities when he made films. Kako carries father’s wonderful gene. She is in charge of costumes in a movie called [Dear Doctor], which is now showing with high regards from audiences and directed by Ms. Miwa Nishikawa. She is also in charge of another two movies, which will be on show within this year, and she still cooks meal for her three sons. She is a very handsome woman. I can’t loose, so I also try my best.
Mr. Akira Kurosawa talked about his continuities.
“I consider many things when I make continuity such as scene setting, people’s psychology and emotion in the scene, people’s movement, camera angle and light to catch the scene, costumes, furniture. Without thinking these facts, I can’t draw the scene…..
It seems that this lithograph teaches me the importance of imagination.