Friday, June 19, 2009

Swine Flue / Hong kong


豚インフルエンザの対応の違いを国ごとに感じています。日本では既に騒ぎが収まったかのように感じていました。マスクをする人も少なく飛行場の警戒体制も簡単な渡航記入の提出で終了。それに比べて香港は、先月より警戒が深まっていました。ビルの入口やエレベター前には消毒薬が置かれ、会社の人達はマスクをしています。中国はもっとすごいですよと言われました。飛行機が着くと警官が飛行機に乗り込み、全員の体温を測ったり大変なようです。パリは機内で渡航記録など申告書を提出して終了。あきれるほど何もなく申告書の提出も不要のミラノ。年末までにはワクチンが出来るよとご気楽。 どの国の対応が正しいのか解りません。


Hong Kong’s weather is fine and it is a comfortable night.
Different countries have different responses towards Swine Flu. I felt that in Japan it has become not a hot topic. Not many people wear masks and the airport control requires only simple form-filling about travel record. Compared with Japan, Hong Kong keeps higher alert and even more than last month. Sterilizing alcohol has been put in the entrance and elevators of the buildings and all the company staff have been wearing masks. Some says “China is even more strict, as soon as the airplanes landed in China, personnel go into the airplane and check everybody’s temperature”. Paris is just ok with declaration form of travel record. Italy doesn’t do anything and I was surprised. Italian said they will have vaccines by the end of this year and they are very optimistic. I don’t know which country is correct.