Sunday, June 7, 2009

Punta della Dogana

(Punta della Dogana)

(Cafe Florian)


(Harry's Bar Dolci/ Giudecca )

ベネチアのお勧め観光コース、やはりまずはサンマルコ広場へ。カフェフローリアンでお茶をして、恋人達の多い事を思い出して、そこからFontana を訪れてみるのはどうでしょうか?お昼はGiudecca島までヴァポレット(水上バス)に乗って出かけHarry’sBar Dolciでの食事も良いかと思います。完成したばかりのPunta DellaDogana にも是非。
I’d introduce highlighted sightseeing spots in Venice. First of all, you should go to Sun Marco Square. How about having a cup of tea in Café Florian where many couples love to be there. After that, how about visiting Fontana? I think it would be good to visit Giudecca Island by water bus and to enjoy lunch in Harry’s Bar Dolci in the afternoon. Don’t forget visiting Punta Della Dogana, which has just been completed.