Thursday, June 11, 2009


ランチで私の前に座った一パタンナーManu。2度も大笑い。鼻につけたピアスが、引っこめたり出したり出来て可笑しい訳です。晴天のMilano ランチの後は、事務所下のNovecento Caffe で休憩。お店の人は毎日来るANTEPRIMAスタッフ全員の名前を知っていて、今日はどう?などと友人話し。何時も全員頼むコーヒーが違います。Americano ,Espresso doppio, Caffe Macchiato ,Marocchino 解りますか?ランチ後にはCapuchinoは頼みません。Manuの顔を見ながらニコニコ笑って仕事に戻ります。(Cofee の値段は0.8~1.2Euroほどです。)
This is Manu- a pattern maker, took a seat in front of me during lunch. I burst into laugh twice because it was very funny that he could put his nose pierce in-and-out from his nose. Milan has a fine day. All office staff took a rest after lunch in Novecento Caffe under the office building. The waiters know everybody’s name of ANTEPRIMA who comes everyday and greet us “how are you today?’. Everybody has different order of coffee every time. Americano, Espresso doppio, Café Macchiato, Marocchino – do you understand? Nobody orders Cappuccino after lunch. (coffee price is around EUD0.8~1.2) I looked at Manu’s face and went back to work with smiling face. Manu said that his mother would tie a rope through his nose pierce when he was naughty.