Friday, June 5, 2009

La Biennale di Venezia 53

(Miwa Yanagi)

(Tomas Saraceno)

(Nathalie Djurberg)

日本館では、Miwa Yanagi さんのパワフルな作品に圧倒され、一緒に記念撮影。イタリア館では、Tomas Saracenoのどこから作ったの?クモの巣状態の作品に魅了されました。夜はPrada財団のJohn Wesleyのオープンカクテルへ。Marina, Miuccia,Bertelli さんに御挨拶。そして、夜は土田康彦さんが予約してくれたAcqua Pazzaへ、吉井画廊の吉井さん、シュプールパリ記者・乗松美奈子さん、ANTEPRIMA ・PR Max、らと出かけました。隣席には今回のビエンナーレで金獅子賞を受賞したオノ・ヨーコさんが赤い帽子をかぶって座っていました。Taxiボートに乗って、San Clemente Palce hotelに到着、一日歩いて頭もアートでほぐされて今日は良く眠れそうです。

I arrived at Venice in late night. I went to 53rd International Biennale Art Exhibition this morning. I was impressed with the powerful art in Japanese Building created by Miwa Yanagi. We shot a picture together. I was interested in Tomas Saraceno whose art looks like spider web and it made me puzzle where the starting point was. I joined the cocktail party held by John Wesley of Prada Fund in the evening. I said hello to Marina, and Mrs. Miuccia Bertelli. I had dinner in Acqua Pazza where Mr. Yasuhiko Tsuchida made a reservation with Yoshii san of Yoshii Gallery, Ms. Minako Uematsu – Reporter of Spur Paris, Max – PR of Anteprima and so on. In our next table, Mrs. Yoko Ono was there with the red hat who received Golden Lion Prize. I arrived to San Clement Palace Hotel by Taxi boat. I relaxed with art and whole day walk, so I think I can sleep well tonight.