Wednesday, June 10, 2009


大きく繊維ジャーナルに紹介されました。ニットにフォーカスして良かったです。これからも自分達の強みを生かし、品質の高いデザインニットを皆様にお届けしたいと思っています。(Fenix HKはグループ会社です。)



ANTEPRIMA has been introduced in a big space in Seni Journal. It was good that we concentrated in knit items. I want to make use of the Company’s characteristics and suggest high quality design knitwear to the customers. (Fenix Hong Kong is the company of Fenix group). It is a natural saying that knitting starts from choosing yarn. 2010-2011 Fall Winter Yarn Exhibition - Pitti Filati - in Florence, Italy will be held in early July. I need to decide the theme by Pitti Filati but 2009-2010 Fall Winter products have not even started in the shops yet, so I have 4 seasons’ matter in my mind. Milan is cloudy. I have been doing Sample check for 2010 Spring Summer buying held in end of June. Today’s schedule is for shoes. I will go to massage in Principe after work and after massage I will have pizza and wine that might make me fat, and then sleep happily - I will go to the office with such dream from the morning. Because I wake up at 6am due to consistent jet-lag.