Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hong Kong

この豚インフルエンザや不況のせいで、前よりも強い絆、チームワークが築かれつつあるように感じています。Fenixグループで一番利益を出しているCity Superに負けずに、役員会で胸を張れる日を夢見て、みんなでがんばりたいと思っています。
Hong Kong will start buying of 2010 Spring Summer Cruise 1st collection from tomorrow. All members from Tokyo, Milan who brought in samples have been working until late night with Hong Kong members. The office is piled up with samples and documents. I feel that stronger team work has been built due to Swine Flu and bad economic situation. I want to work hard with everybody until the time I will be proud of what we have been doing can be like CitySuper(as presented in the Board of Directors Meeting) which is the most profitable company in Fenix Group.