Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fukuoka-> Venezia

多くの人達に見つめられ、上がってしまいました。自立神経失調症? 神経は自分ではコントロールできないのだと改めて理解。生活習慣病で、体内時計はとっくの昔に壊れてしまっていますから熟睡も出来ません。でも何故か元気です。自分でも不思議...。福井日伊協会からお花まで頂き、まあ講演は無事終了。お客様ともお話し出来て楽しい一時でした。これからVeneziaに向かいます。

I was so tense because many people looked at me. Is this Dysautonomia? Now I know more about the nerve that can’t be controlled by intention. I have lifestyle related disease so I can’t sleep deeply because my Circadian rhythm has been broken for long time ago. But I am still healthy. I don’t know why…. I received the flowers from Japan-Italy Association in Fukuoka and my speech finished without difficulty. I could talk with the guests so I had a nice time. I will go to Venice tomorrow morning.