Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wool mark / Usagi

Wool Markとコラボした秋冬コレクション。あるモード誌から取材を受けました。

ANTEPRIMA Fall Winter collection has collaboration with Wool Mark. I received an interview by a fashion magazine. Wool is the king of natural material. Wool is superior material and the characteristics are such that it is easy to be dyed , the color stays for long and so on. In this collection, we made styling for party wear with casual knit and the concept was ‘Contrast with multi-purposes’. We introduced this as a new style to all the women who live in a difficult world situation.


I also received an interview from a women's magazine. They want me to introduce how to enjoy life by yourself as a grown-up lady. I wonder if they read my blog? I went to the bar called USAGI in Akasaka with the editor. Mama is called Kayo san. She was a popular Maiko in Kyoto when she was younger. She was a charming lady. Don’t eat lunch all the time with your girlfriends(sometimes is ok) . Dressed up, go & enjoy the naughty night play. If you are tired with work, or with being alone, let’s go out to the night city with a new dress and bag. I have a lot of places where I want to introduce you.