Thursday, June 18, 2009

Asahi / Haneda-->Hongkong

改めて時代は何処に向かっているのだろうと、記事を読み返しながら先日のVenezia Biennale を振り返ってみました。今回はワイヤーを使っていたTomas Saracenoの作品が印象に残りました。蜘蛛の糸?。時代は誰しもが天国を探し、そこに行きたいともがいているかのようです。
I arrived at Hong Kong across midnight by JAL flight departed from Haneda at 8:30pm last night. I read the newspaper article of afternoon version which I received an interview on the other day. I read this article and recalled Biennale in Venice, Italy by thinking where the world is going to. This time, I was impressed with the art of Tomas Saraceno on how he used wire. Is it spider web? Everybody today seems to look for the heaven and try to reach it.