Saturday, June 13, 2009


昨夜はGiuzeppe宅にMarinaや気の知れた友人達と集まりました。でも後半はすべてイタリア語、Yul Burynnerが写真家だった事や先日Veneziaで会ったMattioliさんのお父様の話など半分ぐらいしか解りませんでした。イタリア語を勉強する時間が必要ですが忙しい。英語もそれほど学習せずに、ある程度は話せるようになったので、イタリア語もと考えていましたが、ダメです。次々忘れます。やはり頭が老化しつつあるのでしょうか?自学自習に限界を感じます。
I gathered with Marina and other friends in Giuzeppe’s house last night. But from the last half, they all spoke in Italian. I only understood half of their conversation such as Yul Burynner was a photographer, Mttioli’s father I met in Venice and so on. I need to study Italian but I am too busy to do so. I did not study English much but I can speak. So I thought I could do the same for Italian but I failed. I keep on forgetting the words. Is it because of my age? I feel limit on self-study. I came back to Japan as usual through Paris to Narita by AF276. Although Phase 6 was hoisted for influenza, I was not asked to fill-in any document between Milan-Paris. Only between Paris-Narita, I need to submit a form on which country I stayed in last 2 weeks, my flight number, my passport number, contact address in Japan. I did not see anybody wearing mask.